10 Hollywood IPs That Need A Reboot, According To Reddit

After the critical failure which was the Dungeons & Dragons film in 2000, Hollywood is preparing to release Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves on March 3, 2023, as a way to completely reboot the franchise. While it remains to be seen if the movie will actually be the success fans are hoping for, it looks like it’s got a good shot.

Sure, Dungeons & Dragons isn’t the only franchise in need of a reboot. Many movies were released at the wrong time or were simply developed by the wrong team, and those IPs could really benefit from a major reboot in Hollywood.


The mask

Whereas The mask enjoyed some success upon its release in 1994, it did not reach the heights it might have had. “I’m always surprised at the success of things like dead Pool and The boysnobody gave The mask another shot with a tone closer to the original comics,” says Reddit user oco82.

While it certainly showed why its hero belongs in prison, it could have something closer to the tone of the comics, where the franchise serves as a dark satire of American politics. Of course, since the original didn’t bother to emulate this style at all, a reboot may provide the chance for a true adaptation.

Burst cell

The Burst cell The franchise has been a major fixture in the gaming world for decades, which is why it’s so odd that it hasn’t received more than a short film adaptation yet. “I’m surprised they don’t just stick Tom Clancy’s name in every action movie or political thriller they can,” says Reddit user Toadsicle1.

While a Burst cell the film is finally in development after years of work, it’s a shock that it came so late. The franchise feels like a slam dunk, especially since it won’t have to worry about the lore that bogs down other video game movies. Instead, a simple thriller might be all fans are looking for.


Whereas IndianaJones has been a bestseller for years, it’s time for the franchise to hit Hollywood again. After all, he’s already missed his window, according to Redditor The-Mandalorian, who says, “Honestly, not having Harrison Ford Indiana Jones movies in the 1990s was a huge missed opportunity.”

As the franchise plans to release Indiana Jones 5, a reboot might be a better opportunity to modernize the series and have a more relatable protagonist who can do more believable stunts. Outraged, IndianaJones is a lot easier to sell than the fifth iteration of a single franchise, especially since The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ruined a great franchise.

The Dresden Files

Although this is an incredibly popular series of books, The Dresden Files has yet to have a successful screen adaptation. While a TV show was certainly attempted, it was little like another bland investigative show with little else to offer its fans.

“Worth another effort true to the novels,” says Redditor JediTigger. A film focusing on an investigation while exploring the relationships between characters, world-building, and magical creatures around Harry Dresden might be enough to completely revitalize the franchise as a major hit.

The ghost

With the rise of the superhero genre, many old franchises are undergoing serious reboots. After all, Batman has done more reboots than most fans can count. That’s why there are reboot calls for “early dough heroes like The Shadow, The Phantom, Doc Savage, etc. I know Shadow and Phantom had movies but I feel like these early heroes could really benefit from modern films,” says Reddit user leejtam.

Having better graphics, a more serious take on characters, and a lot less camp could be a great way to bring these characters to life in a way that’s never really been attempted. As the first costumed hero, the Phantom deserves another chance.


The book series that has terrified countless children over the years, Animorphs always has a loyal following and can bring hordes of nostalgic fans to a theater. “A new/better Animorphs A TV show or a movie would make crazy numbers,” says Reddit user luciddreams9.

Although it had a TV adaptation in 1998, given the current superhero appeal, it could make big numbers in 2022. Also, stronger graphics can help make transformations more believable as you go. that the characters transform from humans to animals and vice versa. Less laughable morphs could make the series much more viable.


However dragonball endured one of the worst live-action adaptations in history, there’s still a chance of a successful reboot. “The franchise is still hugely popular in the United States, but even more so internationally. Once they figure that out, they’ll make billions,” PhillyTaco said on Reddit.

Whether the reboot is a live-action or an animated feature, there’s still major potential for the franchise. If a fanbase can survive an adaptation that slaughtered its characters, it can certainly wear a well-made adaptation with proper effects and a more interesting villain.

mickey mouse

One of the most popular IPs, Mickey Mouse is one of the stars of Disney World, but he hasn’t had a chance to appear on screen in anything other than TV shows or the occasional cartoon. . “Although they had moderate to good success on the small screen, there hasn’t been a 2D or 3D film in forever, whereas Tom and Jerry (the movie) and the looney tunes (Space Containment 2) at least tried a comeback,” shared by Redditor BittenHeroes.

Given that Disney is currently leading an era of animated movie reboots in live-action settings, there’s a perfect opportunity for a reboot that brings Mickey Mouse back to theaters. Plus, it would just be fun to see the little mouse dive back into the hijinx.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Seen the failure of the big screen of 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adaptation, it may be worth seeing the fully rebooted Turtles in theaters. Reddit user BusinessPurge recommends a “handy combination TMNT. It’s amazing what they achieved in the 90s, new technology could probably make the suits even more “realistic” and expressive.”

An adaptation focusing on turtles, rather than human companions, could be a lot of fun, especially if it sticks to the comedic tone of the shows or even adapts the dark satire of the comics. The franchise’s potential is endless, especially if it tries to emulate the best episodes of the original cartoon.


Although it’s had a few small-screen adaptations since the original series, during the era of superheroes and live-action adaptations, the He-Man franchise needs to be revisited. As Reddit user Knuc85 puts it, “A little surprised we didn’t see live action He-Man remake.”

Considering how terrifying villains like Skeletor could be on screen, it would be a lot of fun to see a big He-Man representation centered on the strongest hero in the universe. It might surprise audiences and could certainly turn out to be an instant hit.

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