17 End User Domain Names Purchased This Week – Domain Name Wire

A crypto company, a security technology provider and a chatbot company bought domain names.

Sedo saw strong end-user domain name sales this week, including .jp, .ch and .no domains that sold at strong prices.

Here is a list of end user domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo. You can check out previous lists like this here.

GoldenSection.com $20,000 – Golden Section is a software developer using the gstdev.com domain.

HackerCapital.com $12,000 – Hacker Capital is a company that invests in technology companies. Many of his featured investments are security-related.

Smartpay.jp $10,000 – Smartpay Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore purchased this domain.

Tamio.com $10,000 – Plug&Paid UG sells tools to help e-commerce sellers increase revenue. It uses the PlugNPaid.com domain and also owns PlugandPaid.com. Maybe it’s a brand change or a new product launch?

Improve.ch €9,500 – Synprovis is a software company that sells a quality management tool called Improve.

GiftCard.no €6,600 – Giftcards BV bought another domain from Sedo.

Sflx.com $5,999 – Schüttflix is ​​an app for ordering, delivering, and collecting bulk goods. This domain is a shorter version of its name.

Thrillsy.com $5,310 – Bellona is a Curacao company that appears to be in the gaming business.

Blossom.net $4,500 – Blossom creates technology for credit unions. It forwards this domain to blossom.technology.

lnk.at €3,000 – Gimucco PTE. LTD. is a social media marketing company. The domain resolves to a coming soon page that says, “The Cutest Link in Bio Solution”. I guess it’s for a product similar to LinkTree.

Kyro.co $2,995 – Sage Digital purchased this domain for a new crypto and NFT solution called Kryo.

CrossSwap.com $2,995 – CrossSwap will be blockchain technology for cross-chain trading.

High ID (.)com €2,500 – This is a site that sells fake IDs.

SentryOne.de €2,499 – SolarWinds (yes, the hacked one) bought this domain for their SentryOne product. It passes the domain to the German page on SentryOne.com.

Considered.ly $2,390 – Cosmic Shovel is a development store. One of his current projects is an Amazon price tracker. This domain may be for a new product.

Leadchatbot.com $2,250 – Virtual Spirits chatbot company.

Kernel-Host.com $2,000 – Web hosting company Kernel forwards this domain to their website at KernelHost.net.

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