AAP MLA Rajinderpal Kaur Chhina argues with female IPS officer in Ludhiana: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, July 13

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP for Southern Constituency, Rajinderpal Kaur Chhina publicly quarreled with female officer of IPS, ACP, Industrial Zone B, Jyoti Yadav.

The MP, while trying to show her supremacy over the police, openly questioned the officer why she hadn’t informed her before conducting a search operation in her constituency.

ACP Jyoti, accompanied by a large number of police officers, had gone to conduct a search in Shimlapuri and its surroundings. When the MP became aware of the search operation, she immediately went to the scene and questioned the CPA.

“How can you carry out a search operation in my constituency without informing me or taking me away? You should have informed me in advance,” asked ACP MP Jyoti.

The CPA said the elderly did not ask it to take the MP for the search. “I ask you again who is the MP for this area,” Chhina said.

The ACP said: ‘I have been instructed by the Commissioner of Police (CP) and the Joint Commissioner of Police (Rural) to conduct a search of the area to catch drug dealers and anti-social elements. I was not told to take the deputy with me”.

The MLA continued to argue with the IPS agent. She told the officer that the PC had informed the police that the deputies of the respective regions should be accompanied during the search operations.

Later, the MLA, together with the ACP, traveled to the area to carry out searches.

ACP Jyoti declined to comment on the matter. Police Commissioner Dr Kaustubh Sharma said it was a token search operation by ACP Jyoti Yadav, together with the police, to catch anti-social elements and drug traffickers. MLA Chhina came there and had minor arguments with the officer about the search operation. If the deputies had a problem and they wanted to take the police for a stop or a search in their sector, the police always took them with them.

MP Chhina said there was a misunderstanding. It was settled now. Police and deputies would work together to eliminate the threat of drugs. Ishwarjot Singh Cheema, Head of Halqa, Congress, South Constituency, said: “The manner in which the AAP MP denounces the IPS officer reflects the wrong mentality of the AAP government and its leadership. Where is it written that the police should take MPs on drug raids? The MP should issue a public apology.”

IPS lobby fumed by AAP MP’s rude behavior

The IPS lobby had condemned the rude behavior of MP AAP Chhina. The IPS officers, while questioning the MP, said how come she (the MP) reprimanded a policeman? Under what authority did she try to display her supremacy over the policeman? Did the IPS officer commit an offense or go against police standards? “The ACP was doing its duty. Who is the MP to create a scene publicly and insult the officer,” an IPS officer alleged.

Previously, several search operations had also been carried out and the police had never taken away deputies. If the police start taking deputies away, then they can step in as part of their duties and use the method of choice when searching homes or elsewhere. “The PC had only ordered the joint police commissioner and the ACP to carry out search operations in their areas. He didn’t ask officers to take deputies away,” a police official told The Tribune.

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