Another retired IPS officer pledges to reform policy

On the heels of Telangana IPS officer Dr. RS Praveen Kumar who voluntarily retired from service to enter active politics by joining Bahujan Samaj party, another retired IPS officer plans to launch a political reform movement.

VK Singh, who retired in October last year, decided to start an apolitical platform to start a socio-political movement in Telangana.

He called a press conference in Hyderabad on Monday to announce his action plan.

Singh, who also opted for voluntary retirement from the service months before his retirement last year, hopes to change bad politics with his socio-political movement, which he hopes will ultimately contribute to the development of society.

The 1987 IPS officer, who played a major role in bringing about reforms in the prisons department as an additional director general of prisons for several years, raised a banner of revolt against the Telangana government after having been transferred as the director of the Telangana State Police Academy (TSPA).

Disgusted by the attitude of the TRS government, Singh wrote to the Center asking for an early retirement.

He regretted not having been promoted to the rank of Director General of Police (DGP), although he was eligible for it and declared that he did not “want to be a burden on the government”.

Subsequently, Singh also transferred from TSPA and did not receive any assignments until his retirement.

Interestingly, even before his retirement, the Punjab government appointed Singh as an advisor to the Punjab government.

There was speculation that he would also join politics, but he denied the rumours.

Addressing TRS Chairman and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s claim that he would turn the state into a “Bangaru Telangana”, Singh said no politician can make a state a state. in gold, but only people can do that.

Singh then declared that he wanted to work among people modeled after Swami Vivekananda, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Hazare.

“I also want to work in education,” he said.

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