Blocking pirate sites disputed by DNS resolvers


DNS resolver Quad9 has appealed a blocking order from the Hamburg district court after Germany’s largest internet provider agreed to voluntarily block pirate sites earlier this year.

As reported by TorrentFreakThese blocks are implemented at the DNS level, but DNS blocking can easily be avoided by switching to Cloudflare, OpenDNS, Quad9, or another DNS resolver not used by your ISP.

This workaround is widely known to copyright owners, so Sony Music obtained an injunction requiring Quad9 to block popular pirate sites.

The site in question is not named in the injunction issued by the Hamburg District Court, but may be the site because it is part of a voluntary block agreement with a German internet provider. ..

The charm of Quad9

The non-profit foundation Quad9 recently appealed to the district court in Hamburg in hopes of overturning the blocking demands.

The Foundation does not tolerate piracy, but we believe it is too far to prevent users from accessing online content using third-party intermediaries. At the same time, Quad9 claims that Sony Music can track publishers, track web hosting providers, and approach domain registrars instead.

In a blog post announcing its appeal, Quad9 explained that browsers, antivirus software, firewalls, and even VPN services could be targeted next.

“This matter is not just about the recursive DNS resolver and its users. Services and software that can inspect and affect every part of the Internet transaction between the end user and the origin of the content will deliver results. Web browsers, antivirus software, firewalls, spam filters, email clients, VPN providers, and many other middleware and infrastructure components that too many to list have their very recursive DNS location. Similar to the location of the supplier, it is relevant as the next potential target. In the information flow diagram.

While we have to wait for Quad9 to recognize its appeal, DNS resolvers have implemented temporary hacks to comply with the order that restricts means of blocking to German IP addresses.

Via TorrentFreak


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