Both Sides of DNS Abuse – DNW Podcast #383 – Domain Name Wire

A look at both sides of the equation.

No one listening to this podcast wants people to use domain names and websites for scams, spam, and spreading malware. But who should be in charge of the police? How much effort do domain registrars and registries have to expend to eradicate it? And what about collateral damage to legitimate websites? Today I discuss these topics with Jothan Frakes. Jothan has been in the DNS space for three decades and has seen this debate unfold over time. He understands both sides of the equation and explains why ICANN and its contracted parties are often the ones targeted to clean up the mess.

Also: My takedown story, legal mistakes, Radix’s big year

Here are links to some of the things discussed on today’s show: Anti-Phishing Task Force | Mail, Mobile and Messaging Anti-Abuse Task Force | DNS Abuse Institute | Internet and jurisdiction | ICANN Registrar Stakeholder Group | ICANN Registry Stakeholder Group | Internet Infrastructure Coalition | Domain name association | Jothan Frakes

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