Dilip Cherian | MHA Holds Another Face-to-Face with States on IPS Delegation

To fill the gap of SP and DIG level police officers in the Central Armed Police Forces and Central Police Organisations, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has now proposed that IPS officers who do not come not in central deputation at SP and DIG levels can be barred from central assignment for the rest of their career!

Sounds pretty harsh, but with more than 50% vacancies at these two levels at the Center, it seems like a desperate move on the part of the ministry. But coming just after another proposal to modify the rules of the civil service which would allow the Center to summon any agent of the IAS, IPS and IFoS in central delegation with or without the consent of the State, this decision is also unlikely to win the Center. congratulations from the States.

It is obvious that this decision will meet with strong resistance from the States, since they accuse the Center of trying to weaken their powers. MHA babus argue that under current rules, most IPS officers are only part of the central deputation at IG level, which has led to the current shortage of SP level officers and DIG in the Center. But even senior IPS officers believe the Center is taking this action as a short-term one, but one that will hurt the service in the longer term. There will surely be a response from the states on the proposal, but the MHA has surely drawn up its plan for this eventuality.

Kerala babu behind CM-Governor fights for his old job

The senior IAS Kerala officer, KR Jyothilal, who was transferred as secretary of the General Administration Department (GAD) in February, has reportedly been brought back to the same post. The babu had been in the midst of an unprecedented fight between Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and state governor Arif Mohammed Khan, as reported earlier in this column (DKB, February 22, 2022).

Apparently, a letter written by the babu for allegedly appointing a politician to Raj Bhavan had angered Mr Khan to the point that he refused to sign the governor’s address to the state assembly. The controversial letter authored by Jyothilal had been sent to Raj Bhavan with the order to appoint Hari Kartha, a BJP leader, as an additional AP to the governor. Sources informed DKB that while this letter mentioned that the government had approved the appointment of Mr. Kartha in accordance with the Governor’s wish, it also expressed the displeasure of the Chief Minister stating that there was no precedent for the appointment of leaders. policies in Raj Bhavan. Mr. Khan took umbrage. At the time, Mr. Vijayan cautiously removed Mr. Jyothilal from office and defused a potentially ugly constitutional crisis.

But two months later, the babu quietly returns to his old position, his name slipped between the names of several recently transferred IAS officers. Does this mean that the “truce” between Mr. Vijayan and Mr. Khan is over? Or will the second coming of Mr Jyothilal reignite tensions between the state government and the governor?

Although the governor’s office has not commented on this, the CM’s future actions may hold the key to this key relationship, which has fallen on hard times.

Post retirement bonanza in jobs for best babus haryana

Several retired babus in Haryana have reason to be pleased with the state’s chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar. After all, Mr. Khattar rehired more than a dozen IAS and IPS officers in senior positions after their retirement. More recently, two former IAS officers, Vijai Vardhan and SS Phulia, were appointed Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioner of the State Information Commission respectively. Mr Vardhan retired as chief secretary in November last year. He replaced former IPS officer Yashpal Singhal, a former state DGP. Earlier in January this year, former IAS officer Jyoti Arora, who is also the wife of Home Secretary Rajiv Arora, was also appointed Information Commissioner after retiring.

But the list of such appointments is long, the sources say, and dates back several years. Mr Khattar is reportedly unwilling to let senior babus retire and continues to bring them back into government service. Former Chief Secretary Keshni Anand Arora has also been appointed Chairman of the Haryana Water Resources Authority. And so it goes. Although quite kosher, no doubt this seems to suggest that some babus get a better deal than many of their cohorts!

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