ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain names have exceeded 2.3 million records

  • The ENS has taken a new step in the three-month interval.
  • Ethereum Name Service registration has exceeded 2.3 million records.

The expansion of the Internet has brought remarkable changes in the lives of users. It put the world at your fingertips after the huge rush to register nascent domain networks. E-commerce giants like Amazon and others were born on the internet, but other companies have registered their domains.

According to data from Dune Analytics, approximately 525,000 addresses participated. Charts and data indicate that there were 67,095 ENS enrollments in February, although the growth rate has reached growth and reached 85,272 in the current month.

Domain names remain an essential part of the Internet, functioning as the flagpole of the biggest brands, companies, institutions and individuals. But the beginning of Blockchain and Web3 technology led a paradigm for domain name hosting.

Sources: – dune(dot)com

According to official data, a total figure of 2.38 million is reached by the Ethereum Name Service domain registration protocol.

Earlier on August 9, 2022, TheCoinRepublic reported the meteoric growth of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and at that time, the total number of domain name registrations was around 1.8 million.

Nick Johnson, the founder and lead developer, expressed a symbol of joy and retweeted about this great achievement.

“It took 5 years to reach 1,000,000 names and then only 3.5 months to reach 2,000,000!”

It is believed that the Ethereum merger could play an important role in creating ENS(Ethereum Name Service) more popular and decreasing gas fees, ultimately leading to an increase in domain registration.

And in recent years, it has become a trend to hold .eth domain names and mainly rich personalities or popular artists, leaders and many others.

Cars(Dot)com is known to hold the most expensive domain name ever sold, whose website was valued at around $872 million during its high-profile sales in 2015.

The second most expensive domain in history is CarInsurance(Dot)com, valued at $50 million. The list goes on, and the prices of other domains differ according to their works. And other expensive domains are internet(Dot)com, sex(Dot)com, beer(Dot)com and hotels(Dot)com are some of the most lucrative DNS addresses sold so far.

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