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MOSCOW, October 5. / TASS /. The global blackout that hit social media on Monday could have been triggered by the removal of Facebook-linked DNS records from global routing tables, cybersecurity company Group-IB told TASS.

The exact cause of the outage is not yet known, the statement said, but the most likely culprit is that the DNS records associated with Facebook services have been removed from global routing tables.

“The Domain Name System (DNS) service is like an address book on the Internet that contains the IP address of a domain. If we compare it to a city, it would look like this: there is a house but it has been wiped from the map, and now no one can find it, “said Vladimir Kalugin, head of special projects in the Digital Risk Protection department ( DRP) of the company, cited in the press release.

The company pointed out that the failure of Facebook services was one of the most massive in recent times and triggered a domino effect. The load has shifted to other tech giants from Telegram to YouTube and other social networks, seeing their traffic ramp up.

“Such outages, when the failures of a large Internet company cause problems for the entire Internet, are more likely to occur in the future, as there is a growing tendency to centralize capacity around the Internet. key players, â€the company said.

On Monday, users around the world reported a massive disruption to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp activities. Facebook, the owner of these social networks and the messaging service, has confirmed the information about the issues and assured that they are in the process of fixing them.


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