How To Get Faster Internet Speed ​​Using DNS Hack 2022

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Check How To Get Faster Internet Speed ​​Using DNS Hack

Internet has become a part of our lives. Internet plays the most important role in social development and technological progress. However, the main problem starts when the internet speed becomes extremely sluggish and sluggish. Well, there are many ways to access internet faster on PC. I will tell you simple DNS tricks that can boost your internet speed. Most of us always blame our Internet Service Provider (ISP) for slow internet connection. So let me explain DNS first before explaining the method to get faster internet speed. DNS: domain name server like a telephone directory for the Internet. When you know someone’s name but don’t know their phone number. You should see his number in the phone book. DNS provides the same service for the Internet.

OpenDNS is a domain name system service that offers free and premium DNS to individuals or organizations to enhance their security as well. OpenDNS provides better page loading and also prevents harmful malicious websites. OpenDNS also offers amazing features, including domain locking, typo correction, secure DNS, botnet protection, and more.

How To Speed ​​Up Web Browsing Using DNS Hack

In order to get faster internet speed, I would like to tell you about OpenDNS. You can also use Google DNS to speed up your internet connection. OpenDNS is one of the most popular free DNS services that was launched to provide an alternative method for users who were unhappy with their existing DNS servers.

How to Configure OpenDNS in Microsoft Windows

By following the steps mentioned below, you can configure OpenDNS as the preferred DNS server in Microsoft Windows. This will allow various applications to perform nslookup using OpenDNS instead of your ISP’s default DNS servers.

  • To get faster internet speed with OpenDNS, open Control Panel.
  • Go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Here, click on the name of the network connection, WiFi or Ethernet.
  • In the next window that appears, click Properties.
  • Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
  • Now click on the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the addresses given below to get faster internet speed:
    • Preferred DNS server:
    • Alternate DNS server:
    • If you wish, you can exchange these addresses. Click OK to save and continue.

How to configure IPv6 custom DNS:

With the growing adoption of IPv6 addresses, it’s time to configure your IPv6 DNS servers as well. Highlight Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click Properties. Choose the following DNS server addresses:

  • Preferred DNS Server: 2620:0:ccc::2
  • Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2

Final Words: How to Get Faster Internet Speed ​​Using DNS Hack

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