In a drive for interoperability, SNOMED CT to feed the IPS sub-ontology


SNOMED International announced last week that its governing bodies recently made a decision to support the scope of content in the International Patient Summary.

The organization said it will extend the core of SNOMED CT structured clinical terminology to create and publish an open and self-contained IPS subroutine in the first half of 2022.

This, in turn, will support international data sharing, said SNOMED International.

“2021 has seen increased interest from governments and healthcare and healthcare organizations around the world in implementing IPS to improve the timely flow of cross-border healthcare information and interoperability, â€said Alex Elias, Chairman of the General Assembly of SNOMED International, in a statement.

“This has been one of the main drivers of SNOMED International supporting this recent initiative to make the IPS sub-ontology openly available with SNOMED CT content,†Elias continued.


SNOMED CT supports the representation of detailed clinical information in a way that can be processed automatically.

Meanwhile, the IPS is an electronic health record extract containing information for use in multiple scenarios, including unscheduled cross-border care.

According to SNOMED, ​​implementers will be able to leverage IPS sub-ontology in healthcare tools using SNOMED CT through its query language and hierarchies for specified scopes.

The organization contrasted the proposed sub-ontology with the Global Patient Set, a flat list of SNOMED CT codes and terms including unique identifiers, fully specified names, preferred terms in International English, and status indicators.

Using the IPS sub-ontology will enable more efficient use of data analysis and decision support, as well as artificial intelligence applications, SNOMED said.

“The importance of allowing digital health systems around the world to work together seamlessly so that patients do not suffer as they move between providers, facilities and even countries is a sentiment that has spread across the global health community, â€said Don Sweete, CEO of SNOMED International.

“Equipping the IPS, already one of the best examples of international collaboration between standardization bodies, with the full capacity of the ontological design of SNOMED CT is an important action that we can contribute to improving access to health information. for patients, â€he added.


Global standards play a vital role in promoting interoperability, especially at the international level.

Standards development organizations such as SNOMED and HL7 International have decided to work together to achieve this goal.

Last month, the two organizations announced that they had renewed their collaborative relationship for five years, with a particular focus on initiatives that satisfy the use of the SNOMED CT terminology product with FHIR and other HL7 tools.


“SNOMED International has been delighted to continue to work with HL7 International and its partners across Europe and beyond to define SNOMED CT content to be used in the International Patient Summary,” said the Chair of the Board of Directors. of SNOMED International, Joanne Burns, in a statement.

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