Infoblox opens threat research and its DNS security service

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 11, 2022 /prnewswire/ — Infoblox Inc.the leader in DNS management and security, commits its best threat intelligence to GitHub share its most relevant research with the wider security community, as the invasion of Ukraine has placed organizations around the world on high alert to cyber attacks.

Already, Infoblox threat researchers have reported on three separate campaigns that have weaponized the crisis by Ukraine to spread malware infections (AgentTesla and Remcos) and financially Fleece well-meaning people. These rapid cyber campaigns prompted the company to share its threat intelligence in the form of machine-readable files that allow defenders to easily embed threat data into their systems. Today, Infoblox’s GitHub repository contains more than 800 flags, including malicious and suspicious domains, as well as legitimate domains that could be blocked by other providers through automated scans. Detailed information is available to Infoblox customers in the Threat Indicator Data Exchange (TIDE) database.

Infoblox will continue to provide the GitHub community with high-priority threat intelligence indicators related to major world events and publish top-level attack campaign analytics on Infoblox community website. These efforts will provide more resources to security advocates when they face heightened risks, as is often the case during crises.

On the product side, customers of BloxOne Threat Defense can strengthen their protection by exploiting the latest threat indicators to Ukraine that the team has already added to the product feeds. BloxOne Threat Defense automates the application of these indicators to simplify protection against these threats. BloxOne Threat Defense can also allow customers to block traffic from specific Eastern European countries, including Russiainstead of the entire region, as well as monitoring sanctions lists to enable compliance with associated trade laws and regulations.

For organizations that are not Infoblox customers, the company offers free, limited-time access (register here) for BloxOne Advanced Threat Defensethe industry’s trusted DNS security solution, to protect against cyber threats, including modern malware, data exfiltration, domain generation algorithms, and more.

“We are committed to doing what we can to protect organizations against cyber attacks,” noted Craig Sanderson, vice president of product management, Infoblox. “Risk escalation demands that we collectively help critical infrastructure, supply chain vendors and other potential targets defend themselves. It’s also why we’re making product enhancements, like threat feeds more granular and free access to BloxOne Threat Defense to support cyber arsenals.”

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