Karnataka IPS officer’s house in Surya City robbed; TV, air conditioning missing


Karnataka IPS Officer’s House Burglarized; TV, air conditioning missing

Kumar’s family had yet to move into the house although the housewarming party took place a few months ago

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The newly built house of an IPS officer in the southern outskirts of Bangalore was broken into, with thieves taking away valuables including electronics.

The burglary at the home of Vipul Kumar, an Inspector General of Police (IGP) currently serving as Director of the Karnataka Police Academy, was discovered on Thursday morning. The house is located in the town of Surya, a residential township near Anekal.

The family has not yet moved in

Kumar’s family had not yet moved into the house although the housewarming party took place a few months ago. The IPS officer’s son occasionally visited the house.

While police were notified of valuables stolen from the home, a source said electronics including a TV and air conditioner were taken.

Suryanagar Jurisdictional Police took up a case of theft but gave no further details. They wouldn’t even say if a security guard had been posted at the house.

Kumar declined to comment when DH contacted him.

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