Legal battle of two IPS agents from Assam in the public domain



The legal battle of two IPS officers from the Assam Police Force has fallen into the public domain. Yesterday, Additional Director General of Police (Communications) Assam R Chandanathan alleged “that a section of senior police officials was trying to tarnish their public image” and today another IPS officer, Anurag Agarwala, issued a press release stating that “I am compelled to report the following facts in the public domain due to a false, concocted and misleading press statement given by one of my senior colleagues”.

Agarwala mentioned in his press release that “I have filed a complaint against Mr. Chandranathan in the Silchar Judicial Court which ordered the Silchar Police Station to register a criminal case against Mr. Chandranathan under various sections. of the CPI. Over the years, Mr. Chandranathan abused his official position and committed numerous illegalities, suppressing exact facts, etc. and submitted false reports against me for the sole purpose of hampering my career prospects. He opened a vigilance investigation against me under false pretenses and concocted facts that could not withstand judicial review. Considering the judgment and the order of 01-04-2015 in WP (C) 2953/2013, the High Court of the Honorable Gauhati not only annulled the vigilance investigation carried out by him but also made unfavorable observations such as “the said investigation was in bad faith and the investigation report was manifestly contrary to reality”.

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It was also mentioned in the press release that “In addition, once again to harass me, Mr. Chandranathan was instrumental in the recording of the Panbazar Police Station Case No. 77/2015 on the same subject that was overturned by the High Court judgment of the Honorable Gauhati. and order in WP (C) 2953/13. The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department also deleted the recording of the case of Panbazar Police Station No. 77/15 of the High Court Hon’ble in the affidavit filed by them in March 2015, just before the final result of WP (C) 2953. / 13. Again , he applied to the High Court Hon’ble in the form of a criminal petition 595/2915 which set aside the judgment and order of the Panbazar Police Station No. 77/15 dated 20-11 -2015. And once again the High Court has made adverse observations that “this case is registered on the same subject which has already been an nullified in WP (C) 2953/13 and the prosecution of this matter cannot serve any purpose other than undue harassment. of the officer and abuse of process of the Court â€.

Mr. Agarwala mentioned in his press release that “I stand by my petitions against Shri Chandranathan. Every word of my complaints against Shri Chandranathan is true and based on the above mentioned judgments of the High Court Hon’ble and other documentary evidence “


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