MYNIC services down, all concerned .my domain names


Something is wrong with MYNIC during this long Hari Raya weekend. The DNS servers responsible for resolving .my domain names appear to have gone offline earlier today. At the time of writing, some sites still stay online, via DNS cached entries residing in DNS resolvers around the world, but as those caches start to expire, all .my domains will be virtually inaccessible on the World Wide. Web.

We can confirm that this affects all websites in the .my domain, and although we have reached out to MYNIC for a comment, we don’t expect a response anytime soon.

Without detailed information, we cannot determine if it is just a harmless outage of the service or if it is something more sinister. MYNIC has had issues with DNS hijacking and DNS poisoning in the not-so-distant past.

Most of Malaysia’s online banking sites are hosted on domains. Therefore, until this issue is resolved, we recommend that you be extremely careful when submitting your credentials to online services hosted on and .my domain names.

We can also confirm that the MYNIC outage is also affecting mobile banking applications as well as a number of online payment channels.

[Status] From 3 a.m. on June 16, the MYNIC TLDs remain inaccessible.

[Update] 4:50 am – MYNIC confirms via a tweet that they are having technical problems with their DNSSEC channel.

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