Neeta Pillai delighted to have played a young IPS officer in ‘Pappan’ | Entertainment News

Young actress Neeta Pillai is enjoying a golden run at the box office as her latest release ‘Pappan’ starring Suresh Gopi in the lead role hits packed houses. In the film directed by veteran filmmaker Joshiy, Neeta stars as fierce ACP Vincy Abraham, who is also the daughter of Suresh Gopi. Malayali moviegoers surely adored Neeta’s performance in the film and shower her with love and appreciation.

Mass and class

For Neeta, Pappan was not just a character in her film. If Suresh Gopi was Pappan in the film, director Joshiy has been a beloved mentor to the young actress in her real life. Neeta says she got an unexpected call from producer David Kachappilly, offering her a meaty role in the movie. The producer told him that it was the director himself who suggested his name to try out for the character of Vincy. Later, Joshiy called her to tell the story. “Before telling the plot, he told me that he was a heavy character and that I had to study the script well. It was only later that the screenwriter Shaan called me and explained everything to me in detail. Joshiy sir was really friendly. He was acting all the scenes to make it easy for us. Also, he would correct us patiently if there was any mistake. Suresh Gopi sir and sir Vijayaraghvan were really helpful on the sets. Everything Just like in the movie, Gokul Suresh was also like a brother on set. Everyone except me had a fabulous filming experience, without any tension or stress,” Neeta says with a smile.

Bold characters

Neeta confesses that she had prepared a lot to become Vincy Abraham. “I tried to be perfect when it comes to body language or dialogue. I met many police officers to observe their mannerisms. Also, I watched a lot of police movies and series in many languages I spoke about the police characters in these movies while preparing to become Vincy.Also I had the chance to spend a week with DIG Ajitha Beegum.She and her husband Satheesh sir are IPS officers as part of Kerala. I watched them to learn body language and how police officers treat civilians. All of this helped me try Vincy Abraham with ease,” notes Neeta.


Neeta’s family is from Thodupuzha. Her father PN Vijayan is a retired engineer and her mother Manjula D Nair is a director at the Federal Bank. Her sister Maneesha Pillai works in Melbourne.

Neeta noticed the audition call for Abrid Shine’s campus drama “Poomaram” when she was home for her last semester vacation. She was then studying for a master’s degree in petroleum engineering in the United States. She was cast in the film and played the character of Irene. Neeta says she hasn’t committed any new movies after ‘Pappan’. However, the actress listens to stories and scripts.

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