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President’s Meritorious Service Medal to be awarded to IPS officer Ratanlal Dangi

IG Ratanlal Dangi of the Bilaspur lineup will receive the President’s Meritorious Service Medal on August 15. Along with him, 10 state troopers will also receive this medal. The Union Home Office has selected these officers for better service and efficient work. The Chief Minister will pay tribute to these officers on the occasion of Independence Day in the capital Raipur

IPS Ratanlal Dangi said that every year on January 26 and August 15, officers who do good work in the police are honored by the central government’s interior ministry. This time, he was selected for the 2020 Presidential Police Meritorious Service Medal. Along with him, 10 other state police officers were also selected. This award is sent to the central government after evaluating their work during the 18-year service. After that, the central government committee finalizes the list.

Apart from Ratanlal Dangi This honor is bestowed on Vivek Shukla who is the 11th Army Officer, Chhasbal, Janjgir-Champa, Ramadhar Markande, Platoon Commander, 2nd Army Officer, Chhasbal, Sakri, Bilaspur, Rambadan Yadav , Platoon Commander, 12th Army Officer, Chhasbal, Ramanujganj Balrampur, Ujiala Prasad Singh, Deputy Platoon Commander, 6th Army Officer, Chhasbal, Raigad, Raj Kumar Dwivedi, Chief of Police, Durg Special Branch, Kanhu Rathia, Chief of Police, 6th Army Officer, Chhasbal, Raigarh, Sukaldhar Nag, Chief Constable, 8th Army Officer, Chhasbal, Rajnandgaon, Rajesh Kumar, Sub Inspector, Technical Branch, Dantewada, Sushen Kumar Paul, Deputy Inspector, Bodhghat Police Station, Jagdalpur will also be honored with this award.

Even before that, IPS Dangi was awarded the President’s Medal of Bravery in 2008-09 when he was SP in Bijapur. When he was SP in Bijapur, then in 2006-07, the Naxal operation was carried out. At that time, he led the operation as SP, and many encounters also took place. During this time, the team under his leadership had an encounter with the Naxalites. Along with this, with the help of the police, he had also done a lot of development work in the areas affected by Naxal. There were many such things that the administration was unable to do. The work was possible with the help of the police. For this, he received the Presidential Medal of Bravery. He said working in any field is challenging. But challenges also give us opportunities and that’s always good for the career.

IPS Ratanlal Dangi also teaches policemen and jawans how to better live daily life. For several years, he has also been giving yoga exercises to police personnel. Motivational videos of her yoga also continue to pour in on social media.

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