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Pulong and Chinese consul general meet and discuss IP support in Davao City

DAVAO CITY — Davao City Representative Paolo “Pulong” Duterte and Republic of China Consul General Li Lin discussed support for indigenous peoples at a dinner here on Saturday, July 9.

Representative Duterte and Li met at the Consul General’s house following Li’s invitation to the young congressman for a table blowout.

The congressman’s office released photos of him with Li and other important people. Li has been assigned to Davao City since April 2018.

In an official statement, Representative Duterte said the meeting reaffirms the continued friendship between the two nations and identifies the program the Chinese government will support here.

Li introduced Representative Duterte to the program his government will support under neophyte solon’s tenure and the current administration of the Philippines – the livelihoods of the indigenous people of that city.

Representative Duterte expressed his full support for the program. He vowed to work hand in hand with Li’s office to improve the socio-economic condition of indigenous people here.

The son of former President Duterte thanked the Chinese government for its continued support for the infrastructure projects that the Philippine government has undertaken and the many initiatives that have helped revive the Philippine economy.

“This (meeting) is another step on the right path and a bright future for both countries,” added Rep. Duterte. He said he will ensure the program is properly run to ensure the full support of all people here.



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