Sony reveals plans for future PS VR2 games and new IPs

A recent Sony investor meeting details what fans can expect to see on PlayStation and PS VR2 and some aggressive growth plans for other platforms.

Investor meetings and financial earnings reports are two ways a gaming fan can get news on what a company is planning next. Recently, thanks to a revenue report Control Developer Remedy Entertainment has unveiled five new games it’s been working on. While there haven’t been any proper trailers or reveals for these titles, for some fans it’s enough to know that their favorite publishers and developers have plenty of titles lined up. Now, sony informs its investors and followers of what it has in store for the years to come.


The first, and perhaps most impressive, detail that Sony revealed at its latest investor meeting is that PSVR2 will launch with over 20 “major” first- and third-party titles. Some PSVR2 games have already been revealed, such as Horizon: The Call of the Mountaina derivative game set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe. Having over 20 titles available at launch will hopefully entice fans to buy PSVR2, especially if some older VR hits can get an upgrade to the new platform.

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Unfortunately for fans eagerly awaiting the launch of PSVR2, Sony’s investor meeting didn’t give an exact date, potentially encouraging rumors that PSVR2 could see a delay. Moving on from virtual reality, Sony has also shown a clear interest in creating new IPs. While its existing franchises like God of the war and the Horizon the games have proven to be incredibly successful, by 2025 Sony is aiming for 50% of its games to be from new IPs and 50% from existing series.

This marks a big increase from the 34% focus on new IPs in 2022. Also in fiscal 2022, Sony plans to drop two live games. Some fans think that The Last Factions of Us will be one of those titles, but none have been officially revealed yet. Given that the CEO of PlayStation thinks live games will be more important than subscription services in the future of gaming, it makes sense that Sony would consider releasing some of these games. The gaming giant is also making “aggressive growth plans” for mobile and PC.

Already, Sony has done well in the PC market, bringing its PlayStation exclusives to the platform. At the same investor meeting, he revealed some sales figures for the PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of the warand Days gonewith Horizon topped the list with 2.4 million sales. It makes sense for Sony to consider expanding into other platforms, especially after its previous successes and its acquisition of Bungie, which it hopes will be the first major step in becoming more of a cross-platform games company.

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