To improve policing, government wants IPS officers to be experts in the field | Latest India News


Police officers may need to specialize in at least one area such as counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, economic crime or cyber crime before being promoted to higher ranks.

The proposal which will cover Indian Police Service (IPS) officers has been sent by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the administrative authority of IPS, to the Ministry of Personnel for final approval.

“As part of the proposal, the government will require IPS officers to undergo training before being promoted to the ranks of Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Inspector General (IG) and Additional Director General ( ADG) to make them experts in the field, â€one house said, an official with the ministry, who requested anonymity.

Most of the senior police positions in the State and the Center are occupied by officers recruited for IPS, a pan-Indian service for which the competition is fierce. Hundreds of thousands of Indians take a test every year, and only a handful pass after a rigorous three-step review process.

Subjects in the field, or area of ​​specialization, are already listed in the performance review report rules, sources said.

It covers topics such as the fight against corruption and vigilance, police research and development, criminal investigations (CBI, CID), intelligence, cybercrime, counterinsurgency and the fight against terrorism.

Before being promoted to DIG, an officer will need to be trained in at least one of the areas. “Likewise for promotion to the ranks of the IG and ADG, compulsory training should be followed in two and three subjects, respectively,” said the ministry official.

Hyderabad National Police Academy and other government institutes will be invited to design training modules. The government can also use private institutes.

The plan was discussed in November at an annual police chiefs conference in Hyderabad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Rajnath Singh also attended the meeting.

“The decision was taken as a follow-up to the discussion that took place in Hyderabad,†the official said.

An IPS officer on duty, who declined to identify himself as he is not authorized to speak to the media, said a maximum of four domains had been assigned at the time of the assessment and that ‘they couldn’t choose them.

“If the government wants to make domain experts, it should also seek the advice of officers on choosing domain assignments for them,†he said.

Future assignments should be decided based on specialization and the concept should be extended to other Indian services as well, he said.

An IPS agent follows at least three mid-term training programs. The first is after seven to nine years of employment, the next after a further seven years, and the last after completing at least 24 years of service. These courses are compulsory and linked to promotions and increases.


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