Transform your portable Xbox Series S with this 12.5″ IPS monitor accessory

Want to enjoy your Xbox Series S even outside the comfort of your own home? Then you’re in luck, because there’s an option right now, and you can consider checking out this exciting new portable monitor for the Xbox Series S that comes with unique features and design choices.

Featured by YouTuber ETA PRIME, this G-STORY 12.5″ portable monitor is an interesting detachable portable monitor for the Xbox Series S. It completely encloses the small console, acting as a pseudo-lid that closes over the case. The display itself uses an IPS panel at 1080p resolution, runs at 60Hz, and has FreeSync compatibility.

The screen is powered separately via an external adapter, but can also be powered via a special USB adapter. However, as shown in the video above, it will turn off when it consumes too much power. in the example shown, at maximum brightness and 70% volume, the screen turns off completely.

The portable monitor is sold on Amazon, although at the time of writing it is completely sold out, which shows the popularity of this interesting accessory. Oddly enough, G-STORY also sells portable monitors for the Xbox Series X, which look just as weird as you imagine.

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